Real Estate Investing As A Business

Real Estate Investing As A Business


  1. patricia says:

    I am looking for a house to flip!!! and HAR is not the option anymore!. I need to have access to wholesellers’ list! I have already cash!!

    1. Tim Cook says:

      Hi Patricia,
      My apologies for not responding to your post. Too many things on my plate. So here’s a couple ways to gain access to wholesalers list.
      1. Join Think Realty. Get your no-cost account by texting the word WestDFW to 96270 for a link to your smart phone to register. You can also do the same thing on your computer by going to Once you are a member, log into your Think Realty account, click on resources and then DOWNLOADS and there you will find a Wholesalers list.
      2. Another option is to join my buyers list at and be sure to check the boxes for the cities and state you buy houses in. I have a Nationwide system so if you are looking for deals in different states please create multiple profiles for each state.
      3. Attend your local REAI Clubs to network and meet buyers. If you are in Dallas Fort Worth please join our group at
      4. Call Craigslist ads and bandit signs
      5. Here’s one idea most don’t think about. Go to your local BBB and research Real Estate Investment companies.
      Hope all this helps Patricia.

      For many other real estate investor resources go to

      TMC Property Solutions
      Founder, West DFW REI Group
      Amazon #1 Best Seller

    2. Tim C says:

      If you will either go to and register for our Buyers List or Reply with your email, name, and number and the cities or zip codes you like deals in and we’ll add you to our list for you.

  2. Rodney Snyder says:

    I am looking for properties in PA to buy and rehab

    1. Tim Cook says:

      Hi Rodney, I can add you to my nationwide buyers list if you will give me cities or zip codes please.

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