What’s Your Why for Becoming a Real Estate Investor?

becoming a real estate investor
What's your Why for Becoming a Real Estate Investor
What’s your Why for becoming a real estate investor?

What’s Your Why for Becoming a Real Estate Investor?

Before finding what’s your why, building a business is work.

It is essential that you know your why for becoming a real estate investor since it keeps you going. Once you find your WHY, the work has a purpose.

Around here, we talk a lot about finding freedom.

For some people, freedom is their “why.” They want to be free from many different things —their job, boss, time deficit, and financial restrictions.

But for most people, finding freedom is just the beginning.

If you became a real estate investor to find freedom, what is it you want to be free from?
If you can’t answer that question immediately, you haven’t found your “why”… Yet.

Once you figure out your “why,” your whole life changes, and you wake up ready to make the most of your day. You go to bed knowing you are one step closer and will get there in no time. In between, you work with passion because you know the work matters. Knowing your “why” drives you to work harder, to strive harder.

Here is what a recent Forbes article had to say about finding your “why”:

A clear sense of purpose enables you to focus your efforts on what matters most, compelling you to take risks and push forward regardless of the obstacles.

How would your business change if you had more focus and were willing to take more risks?

It’s exponential how finding your “why” can change your life, your business, and the lives and businesses of the people around you. As soon as you find your “why,” everything falls into place.

But there is a way deficit. Most people are working without a sense of purpose. They’re working to build wealth, but they don’t know why they want it, and in most cases, these people are unable to get to where they want to be because they lack the drive to keep going.

So what’s your why, and how do you find it?

There isn’t a formula to follow, but there are questions to ask yourself:

1. What inspires you?

Think about when you felt most ready to take on the world. How did you get to that point? How can you take what inspired you then and make it a rhythm in your life? What do you need to do? This question is about keeping your tank full. How are you taking care of your social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, physical, and mental health each day? Once you have the plan to keep yourself healthy, you’ll have more space to chase inspiration.

2. What are you good at?

Have you seen the Venn Diagram for finding your passion? It’s three overlapping circles of “what you love,” “what pays well,” and “what you’re good at.” You have to find a “why” that encompasses all three. If you’re working at something you’re good at but don’t love it, or it’s not paying the bills, it’s time to find a new passion. You must find something that you love, pay well, and are good at to create balance.

3. Who needs you?

Your “why” will likely have something to do with your “who.” If you have a family, someone who relies on you, or a community you care about, these individuals will be at the center of your “why.” Self-employment will only get you so far. Giving offers us a sense of purpose. Consider the future you wish to build for the people you love. Those faces will make you lean in when you want to quit. Those expressions will motivate you to work harder.

4. How will you leave the world?

This is another way to fuel your fire… And find your “why.” Your work has an impact. What kind of impact will it have? You want to leave a legacy. It could be generational—building a business from which your children will benefit. Or, it could be local—setting up spaces in the community where the next generation can play and grow. Even if you’re just getting started, you have time to give. Think about how you want to leave the world, then work it into your why.

What's your why for becoming a real estate investor
What’s your Why for becoming a real estate investor?

Have you found your “why?”  Help inspire others by sharing what it is and how you found it!

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