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From:  Pat H
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  20 April 2015

Dear Mr. Cook,

Earlier this year I purchased a home from your company on the west side of Fort Worth. I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate all of the help and support that you gave me which allowed me to purchase this home. The home is a dream come true for me and has greatly improved the quality of my life. I am convinced that your diligence and willingness to help out in any way that you could made it possible for me to be living in this lovely home. I also appreciate your quick response to any questions that I have had or any small issues that have come up even after living in the home for several months. Not once in this whole process have I ever received anything but quick, kind and courteous help from TMC Property Solutions.

Thank you for all of your help and support,

Pat H


From:  Jim and Lee R
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  19 Sept 2015

My wife and I purchased our new home recently. Closing on our new home was a catastrophe, it took 12 weeks!!! Although this was completely due to the finance company, we did not want to chance another drawn out affair and the thought of making house payments on a home we did not live in until it sold was troubling. I had seen Tim’s truck from TMC Property Solutions around town so I called him out of the blue. He quickly responded to me with several offers and we came to an agreement on the spot. There was always an open line of communication and we were kept updated at all times. After the first meeting we closed in short order. I feel that Tim along with the work of his very pleasant team saved us several thousands of dollars that we would have spent on mortgage payments, electricity, water, taxes, etc. TMC Property Solutions comes highly recommended from us.

Jim and Lee R

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