Real Estate Lead Generation 101

real estate lead generation
How to generate leads. Real estate lead generation 101
Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Lead Generation 101

What is the best real estate lead generation options today? There are many.

How can real estate investors, agents, and other related industry professionals generate more leads for buying, selling, rehabbing, and renting properties?  What are some of the benefits and pitfalls of common real estate lead generation channels we face today?

Here are 13 ways for Real Estate Investors and Realtors to use for Real Estate Lead Generation

Direct Mail

Some popular real estate gurus have said that direct mail is the fastest and easiest way to generate new leads.  It can still be very effective.  As others have turned to online marketing, direct mail may have become even more effective and profitable.  However, direct mail success relies on volume and testing to hone your messaging, target, and delivery.

Cold Calling

Cold calling on a large scale, such as using call centers, might face many challenges with regulations today, but it has still been proven to generate a nice income for real estate investors and Realtors.  Simply picking up the phone can be one of the fastest ways to generate real estate leads for your business.  It is also one of the lowest-cost ways to generate leads and can help professionals stay on top of their sales game. Cold calling is also proven effective for motivated sellers’ lead lists, such as pre-foreclosures and probate leads.

Door Knocking for Real Estate Lead Generation

Many fantastic real estate deals and listings can be uncovered by driving neighborhoods and knocking on doors.  There are obvious obstacles in doing this, but it’s hard to beat when it comes to getting the jump on competitors. Again, this tactic is very effective for pre-foreclosure leads.

Email Marketing

Google may have made reaching consumers via their inboxes more challenging, but email can still be one of the best ways to reach the masses and highly targeted contacts.  Email lists may be rented from data companies versus buying them.  Subsequently, real estate investors and agents can take control of their email real estate and build their lists. Another option is to subscribe to specialty list subscriptions such as REIQ Off-Market Leads. Click HERE to learn more and use promo code “WESTDFWREIG10” to save 10% for life. These specialty lists are available in Texas, Florida, Utah, and Georgia.

Buying Internet Leads

Buying internet leads has been popular for various real estate and mortgage companies since before the last housing boom.  These lists experienced somewhat of a bubble but have now been improved with enhanced data and targeting tools.  Various types of these leads range from ‘aged’ lead to living exclusive and non-exclusive leads.  Make sure you do your homework. Understand exactly what you are getting and the difference between these types of consumers to maximize ROI. You also need a pretty good idea of what you need before ordering.

Buying Lead Lists

Lead lists have been a staple of the real estate industry for many years.  An endless array of filters can laser-target the best prospects with these lists.  However, newer investors and real estate companies need to recognize that they may not legally be allowed to have or market to some of these lists. Watch for junk, and be sure lists aren’t being fluffed out with bogus names. Another option is to subscribe to list subscription services such as REIQ Off-Market Leads. Click HERE to learn more, and use promo code “WESTDFWREIG10” to save 10% for life. These specialty lists are available in Texas, Florida, Utah, and Georgia.

Real Estate Blogging

Real estate blogging remains one of the most powerful forms of lead generation and one of the most underestimated.  A regular blog can ensure real estate pros and companies are not held ransom by other platforms and can go on helping to generate leads for years after posts are written.  A blog can be used to draw regular internet leads, feed email list building, and fuel social media efforts.

Social Media

While this medium changes constantly, social media platforms can still be a fantastic way to generate leads.   Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great options.  There are many debates over calls to action (CTA), the amount of right engagement, and how much should be invested off-site versus on a real estate company’s websites. Still, the right funnel strategy can be fast, affordable, and enjoyable.

Signage & Outdoor Real Estate Advertising

Even the simplest yard and ‘bandit’ signs can be incredibly affordable ways to generate real estate leads.  With the right message, other outdoor advertising solutions can generate steady leads.  New technology can make this even better.  Call capture, QR codes, interactive augmented reality signs, text messaging options, and even links to virtual tours can be used to boost outdoor advertising performance.

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

People expect you to have a website.  Many people start by searching the internet, looking for whatever they are after.  Sellers might search “how to sell my house fast,” buyers might search “owner finance homes,” and investors might search “distressed properties.”  Whatever it is, you need a website with your message on how to help.   Websites are an excellent way to market to buyers and sellers about how you can help them. They will generate many new leads and potential customers when set up properly. 

Real Estate Investor website services such as Investor Carrot can be powerful. Carrot websites are one of the top converting sites available today, and I highly recommend using them. I have three of them.

Another more detailed system or customer relations management (CRM) tool is Realeflow. Using a CRM such as Realeflow, you can operate your entire business, i.e., marketing to buy and sell houses, managing your websites, sending direct mail, text messaging, pulling motivated sellers and cash-buyer lists, pre-screening sellers and buyers, generating contracts, building and managing your buyer’s list, and more. Learn more about Realeflow HERE and then get a 60-Day free trial HERE. Be sure to reach out and let me know when you register with Realeflow, and I’ll send you my “Getting Started with Realeflow” video to help you get started. For the best price on the planet for an annual subscription to Realeflow, go here.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be the best method of predictably and consistently driving real estate leads on demand.  PPC solutions, like Google Adwords, can drive in leads on command. PPC ads can be tweaked to be hyper-local or reach global buyers, investors, and homeowners right where they are now.  Real estate marketers can significantly reduce PPC costs with little strategy and education.  They can even dominate and starve out the competition with a large enough budget by buying every lead for a given keyword.  Aside from the big platforms, more affordable online leads may be gleaned from purchasing images, text, and banner ads on other websites directly. 

Print Advertising

Don’t forget print advertising.  Beyond the traditional lineup of real estate magazines, consider other industry magazines that will reach the same prime prospects and even leverage online magazines.

Referrals and Affiliate Marketing

Personal referrals can be a compliment and the most valuable form of lead generation.  Savvy CEOs are using technology now to scale and organize referrals on a national and global scale.

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