5 Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

bad real estate agent
ways to spot a bad real estate agent

Usually, real estate agents honorably perform their professional duties. However, a seller like you are just one of many when an RE agent focuses on the almighty dollar instead of fulfilling their duty to you. Read on to discover five signs of a bad real estate agent.


A fiduciary relationship in real estate includes a buyer or seller, the principal, and signing a contract with an agent. A professional licensed real estate agent has a legal and moral obligation to hold your best interest at the forefront of all their actions. An agent has intimate knowledge of your financial and personal information. The temptation to leverage data for their benefit is real, such as revealing your details to the buyer, which provides them with power at the negotiating table. Sadly, some agents focus purely on money, and while we all work to earn a living, a real estate agent is breaking the law should they fail to act ethically. Breaking trust is most definitely a sign of a bad real estate agent.

No Answer

Good communication is essential to success, especially in real estate. Are your questions being left unanswered & calls not being returned? If so, this is another sign of unprofessionalism from a real estate agent. The lack of responsiveness shows that your business & needs are not important. Furthermore, you would be better off finding assistance elsewhere to sell your house.

At TMC Property Solutions, we are great communicators and are here for you all the way! We always welcome your questions and calls because they help guide you and keep us learning. 


We know that showings can be a pain & hassle, but the terrible silence while you wait for days, weeks, or even months for the right buyer can be excruciating. Are you getting a lot of excuses for why your property isn’t getting any action when you’ve spent a pretty penny on staging, photos, etc.? Most likely, it results from your agent’s lack of commitment to you or their business. If they constantly show up late or cancel, miss important details & deadlines, don’t update your listing, or follow up with leads, this can end up costing you and is another BIG sign of a bad North Texas real estate agent.

Methods and Means

You signed a contract with your agent, meaning you shouldn’t feel alone. They are supposed to be doing the heavy lifting. They should guide you with their experience, time, & expertise to help you get the best deal for your house. Every agent is responsible for staying updated on the Real Estate market and trends and keeping you updated. Lacking the correct means & methods is another sign of a bad North Texas real estate agent.


SOME agents are driven by greed & are just after the commission. They do not care about you or how they can close the sale. Some can use very shady tactics to steal listings from other agents. They may embellish their own experience to mislead you into thinking they are more capable than they are. Bad real estate agents misleading clients is just wrong, but it does happen in North Texas. It’s easy to check how many listings they have and which sites they list with before hiring.

Why not avoid learning these and other signs of a bad real estate agent for yourself? 

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