Photo Tips For Standout Property Listings

Photo Tips For Standout Property Listings
photo tips for standout property listings
Photo Tips For Standout Property Listings

How do you turn a good listing into a great one? With standout property listings, that’s how.

For one thing, you take your shot and take it repeatedly, and I’m talking about pictures! In this post, we will talk about Photo Tips For Standout Property Listings.

As a real estate investor, I’m always surprised by the photos agents or other investors choose to include with their property listings because they select photos that will never attract buyers.

I see a few eyesores in many listings, for example, dirty mirrors and pet food bowls. Some have toilet seats up and broken swing sets. Under these circumstances, these photos will not bring a great first impression to a potential buyer, and having these eyesores will push away potential buyers instead.

First impressions aren’t just for people… They’re for properties, too.

Now, you can get away with these types of photos if you’re selling a fixer-upper or looking for an investor buyer because the investor is looking at the property as a business opportunity and not their forever home.

The photos need to convey that image to your potential renter or buyer if you’re selling something that is move-in-ready.

You want the images to help them visualize a safe and clean place where they would happily raise their family.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts for the DIY crowd on Photo Tips For Standout Property Listings.

Let’s start with the DO: 

  1. DO shoot from the corner. It makes any room look bigger and brighter when taken from that angle.
  2. DO use a wide-angle lens. Using a wide-angle lens captures the entire area, which is highly suggested so that potential buyers can see what the entire room looks like. See above.
  3. DO uncover windows and open doors. Natural light is preferable, but you can turn on the lights too.
  4. DO remove clutter from every surface. Doing so communicates that the space is clean. Also, you can create a focal point in the room that will make the photo look great.
  5. DO take multiple photos of every room. Just ensure the first 5-10 photos on your listing are of different spaces. More so, always start in the important areas like the kitchen, living space, master bedroom, master bath, and guest bath.
Photo Tips For Standout Property Listings

Now let’s move on to the DON’T’s: 

  1. DON’T rush. If there’s better weather in the forecast, then wait for it. The weather plays a huge factor in getting a nice photo. A sunny day can provide great lighting, while a gloomy day can create drama in your photo. Furthermore, always take advantage of what lighting nature gives you.
  2. DON’T post close-ups. No one wants to see one sink because they want to see the bathroom.
  3. DON’T take pictures of open toilet seats. Since bathroom shots should be clean, put down the toilet seats.
  4. DON’T leave distractions in the frame. This could be family pictures, pets, or even your own reflection. Capture carefully and look closely!
  5. DON’T think inside the box. Different techniques, like night shots or aerial views, can set a space apart. In addition, you can create drama in your photo by taking night shots. Since night shots require a long exposure, use a tripod to ensure you take a clean shot.
  6. DON’T forget the outside. If you have a dozen great inside shots, include half of that amount of the outside, too, since people would want to see the lawn or how the house looks from outside.

Now, let’s talk tech.

Ideally, you want to invest in a DSLR camera and edit your photos using a computer program like Lightroom or Photoshop.

However, not everyone is ready for that commitment.

Maybe you’re not tech-savvy, and maybe you’re on a budget or probably you have multiple properties that you need to get listed as quickly as possible and you’re running out of time.

If that’s the case, then your smartphone WILL be just fine. Here are a couple of quick tricks:

  • Invest in a quality wide-angle lens. These specialty lenses easily attach to your phone, giving a more professional-looking edge-to-edge image.
  • Use presets. With a camera phone, light isn’t going to be consistent, and you would want your photos to be. You can then use presets. Presets are filters that can be applied to all your photos to enhance them.
  • Use a tripod and a timer. Using a tripod and a timer eliminates the natural movement of your hand. You can take better and steady shots using a tripod. Simply set it up and shoot.

So, is there another option?

Yes. Put down your phone and find a pro. There are professional real estate photographers in any market, and they typically pay for themselves.

Did you know that listings with professional photos sell 32% faster and for thousands of dollars more?

Here’s an example of what professional pictures can look like.

Here’s the big picture: Photos will make or break your listing.

This is one area where you want to take your time and put in the work.

In the event that you have any other property listing tips that you’d like to share! Please share in the comments below for all to enjoy.

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