Wholesaling Real Estate in Texas – Pros and Cons

Did you know that wholesaling is a great way to start your real estate investment journey? Wholesaling real estate is an excellent way for folks with little funds to enter the real estate market. If you know how to wholesale well, you will have discovered new means to fund future projects. So, what exactly is […]

What’s Your Why for Becoming a Real Estate Investor?

What’s Your Why for Becoming a Real Estate Investor? Before finding what’s your why, building a business is just work. It is essential that you know what’s your why for becoming a real estate investor since it is what keeps you going. Once you find your WHY, the work has a purpose. Around here, we talk a […]

Building A Relationship With Your Real Estate Mentor

I saw this title in an article recently about building a relationship with your real estate mentor, and I just had to chuckle having just experienced one of those days.  Today, I just couldn’t resist incorporating it into my article, because it spells out perfectly in one word what many times turn out badly in a mentoring relationship.  Everyone […]